Things I’d do to meet taylorswift:

  • fly across the country or world
  • skip school and work
  • stay up all night
  • spend all my money
  • completely embarrass myself
  • step on a hundred nails
  • dance through a fire
  • disown my family
  • OKAY this might’ve gone a little far BUT I WANT IT SO BAD

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The fact that I’ll be listening to 1989 in 4 weeks at this exact moment makes me so freaking excited. There is NO amount of pure happiness greater than listening to taylorswift music for the first time. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


do you know how amazing taylor swift is?? she literally made a shirt for a specific joke on a specific social media site full of her fan and she wore it KNOWING that nobody else would get it and she wore it KNOWING that we would and that we would love it!! SHE MADE, BOUGHT, AND WORE A SHIRT THAT REFERENCES FRICKIN BECKY FOR US AND IF THAT ISNT LOVE I DONT KNOW WHAT IS

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The love that Taylor shows to her fans when she doesnt even know us personally at all is truly amazing. Like here is the taylor swift mega superstar putting fans above everything else inviting them over to her house and letting them hear her music before it comes out and treating us like we are all her best friends. Like I cannot begin to even comprehend how amazing Taylor is 

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it’s driving me up the wall people are saying its a pop sound never heard before but MY MIND CAN’T COMPREHEND WHAT THAT MEANS!!! it’s like saying dude….wait til you see this shade of red…..you’ve never seen this color before….. LIKE !!!!!!! does it turn out to be emerald green??? am I speaking English

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